As we were leaving her house after our 4 Mothers meeting, Beth-Anne’s husband, Paul, joked that some days he’d appreciate a little note on the door that would indicate what kind of day his wife had had.  Just a little warning about what to expect on the other side of the front door.


Here is a version of what a mood-o-metre might look like:

1.  It’s been a great day, honey!  Come on in!

2. I love being a mother.  Let me tell you what your amazing kids did today.

3.  I’m unwinding with a glass of wine.  Come join me.

4. The kids are still awake.  Hope you’re ready for story time.

5. Go back out and come home with milk.  We ran out.

6. Go back out and come home with chocolate.

7. Go back out and come home with diamonds.

8. Go back out and come home with a lawyer.

9.  You’ll find your suitcase in the hall.

10.  I’ve packed my suitcases.  The kids are all yours.

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  1. I think you guys are on to something…. I laughed till I cried. Still giggling about this and how appropriate it is….Please tell all the 4 Mothers how much I love and adore reading the blogs…If there is one from 4 mothers in my email all others get overlooked until I finish reading your blogs. Thanks for adding perspective, and laughter to my day!

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