Toronto Fashion Find: Coats by Mary Ellen for the Perfect Custom Coat

Years ago Carol once said to me, “You vote with your dollars”. It’s something that stuck. I live in Toronto, a close walk to two major streets that are lined with shops, restaurants and general services. Even if it means spending a few extra dollars, I prefer to support these Mom and Pop shops over the big box variety namely because it’s these very businesses that make-up my community. And I vote for that.

Nathalie touched on the fabulous One of a Kind Show that is hosted in the city biannually – in fact the spring show is coming up – and it was at the winter show that I discovered Coats By Mary Ellen.

Coats are big deal when you live in a climate like I do. I wear a coat almost 10 months out of 12 and the collection that I have amassed over the years is impressive. I’ve got everything from a classic trench to a perfectly worn denim crop and robin’s egg blue Duffle coat (my sagging closet rods will attest to many, many more). As for winter wear I have both a black and a white parka and a moto-inspired black Mackage coat for dressier occasions. For years I have mulled adding a fabulous winter white dress coat to my collection but I hadn’t found the perfect one. Some looked too clinical, others too stuffy; none were classic with an element of fun. And in the dead of winter, I need a little fun.

I found my coat at the One of a Kind where the Pizzonia family proudly showcased a stunning example of their finest, hand-sewn coats.

Each coat is designed, cut and sewed in Toronto using carefully selected Italian fabrics (wools and cashmeres) for the shell and lined beautifully in flannel-backed satin. If you don’t find the perfect coat from their fetching stock it’s possible to customize a coat’s every detail including: colour, style, fabric, lining, buttons and tailoring.

I did leave the One of a Kind empty-handed save for a business card but when I returned home, I described every detail of the white, wool coat with black leather trim and over-sized black buttons that caught my eye to anyone who’d listen. For so long I had been hesitant about buying a white coat because, let’s be honest, a white coat with three young children doesn’t always mix well together . . .but I really wanted it.

It turns out that someone was listening to me go on and on about that coat because Christmas morning, I unwrapped it. For now my collection is complete.

Click here to see my coat’s cousin (#2058) here to see a real stunner (10-291). . . this one in the ruby red may be next on my wish-list.  There is a winter clearance sale . . .

pink coast with ruffle collar dark plum tailored coat Red wool overcoats fit and flare red coat

To see more Coats By Mary Ellen visit their website here or their store at 951 Wilson Avenue in Toronto.

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