The Home Away From Home Eatery: Everyone Needs One

Mimi's Vietnamese food restaurant

I like cooking, sometimes. Often, even. But some sweltering summer nights, the last thing I want to do is charge up the stove. On these nights, I might get enterprising and put together a dinner sans heat: maybe serve up a salad or wraps with a side of popcorn (air-popped of course).

But some nights, what I really like to do is get away for a quick meal away from home, that feels like it might have been made at home, just not my home.  You know the type of place, where you can sit back with a book or your phone and tuck in to a tasty, reliable meal that reminds you of the homey kitchen you’d rather not be in.

Everyone needs a place or two like this.  It’s a modern day essential, up there with sunscreen and the little black dress.

I confess I flit around a little with where I like to go, but here’s my current favourite: a steaming bowl or noodles at Mimi Restaurant, a Vietnamese eatery in east Chinatown. There are tons of variations off a few types of noodle bowls and soups, all hearty and delicious. Vegetarians can actually eat here; there aren’t many veggie options but at least there are some (hard to find in a Vietnamese restaurant), and they’re really good.

Also, there’s a woman there who is ever so friendly. She always asks after my sons (who love the noodles there) and has a smile for me.  She’ll talk if I want to talk, or serve quietly if my nose is in a book. I go to Mimi’s and know exactly what I’ll get and how I’ll get it.  It’s kind of perfect as far as summer essentials go.

Where’s your go-to for a home away from home meal?


ps. The folks at Mimi’s don’t know I’m writing about them. Think they’d blush if they knew?

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  1. Wowww.. that’s cool…My go-to for a home away from home meal is DANGEE-DUMS in INDIA-GUJARAT-AHMEDABAD Trust me, they serve so yummy desserts that you don’t feel like going home…… I don’t know why I am telling you…just wanted to share a thought…. 🙂 🙂

  2. Ours is Fanny Chadwicks at Dupont and Howland. We all LOVE it. If I could cook like that, I’d never eat out…

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