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Hello, and welcome to Plenty, an on-line lifestyle and parenting magazine, written and edited by Carol Chandran, Nathalie Foy and Beth-Anne Jones.  Our approach to writing is to create content for readers like us: women who like intelligent substance and helpful advice with a side of fluff; hold the judgement.

9BeuK0uZSDAnexbwvP3ZdHXRKOoCdJ3ArjMKmFQdIcLY23OQ6G0UalNV7QS3R4TzWe have been writing, laughing and learning together since 2010.  You have known us as 4Mothers1Blog, a blog that we published daily for five years.  When we hit that milestone, we decided we wanted to broaden our horizons and freshen our look, and Plenty is the new incarnation of our writing partnership.  You’ll find the same great content in a magazine style that is easy to browse and to use.

Plenty is a space for informative articles, thoughtful commentary, and helpful tips.  We offer reflections on and inspiration for the joyful chaos that is life.  In the pages of Plenty, you will find articles on food, health and fitness, style, culture, parenting and relationships. We’ve imported the best of our content from 4Mothers1Blog, and we’ll be expanding our portfolio of lifestyle writing.  Each month has a guiding theme for content, and we often invite guest writers to share their expertise.

In November, our theme is giving: giving gifts, giving thanks and giving back. We will have articles on the art of giving, volunteering and homemade gifts.  We will also be publishing gorgeous gift guides to inspire your gift giving, and a how-to guide to help you wrap them all beautifully.

In December, our theme is minimalism, and you can look forward to content that will help offset some of the excess of the holiday season.

In the new year, look out for our new adventure: monthly podcasts.

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cropped-plentyicon.jpgWe hope that you will find plenty to enjoy and plenty to share on these pages and that you will join the wider circle of our social media haunts. Follow us on Instagram, where we hang out when we’re not writing. Follow us on Facebook, where we regularly share thought-provoking articles.  And find Plenty on Pinterest, where we do some of our best procrastinating.

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  1. Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you all and wish you the best of luck in this exciting phase ahead. I look forward to the upcoming months of articles and ideas you have to offer.

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