Wrap It Up: Holiday Wrapping for Every Taste

Wrapping presents is one of my favourite holiday to-dos. When the boys were younger, I liked to choose one paper for each boy. This helped to keep things organized come Christmas morning when excitement is at a fever pitch. Now it’s about me. When the kids are in bed, I spread out the wrapping and all the accoutrements pour myself a glass of wine and get started. Wrapping is my thing – do not ask me to cook the turkey dinner.

Wrap It Up! 

I remember as a teenager reading in YM Magazine that Tori Spelling’s mom had a room devoted to gift wrapping!  My giddy reaction was a sign for me to stop reading teen-y bopper mags and make the move to Living and drool over Martha Stewart’s organized gift wrapping station at her Connecticut home.  I don’t have the room nor the inclination to give up precious real estate to a gift wrapping station, but I do make sure that I have a fully stocked box of supplies before I start.  I discovered the store Creative Bag, and they have everything you need for the holidays from party supplies to ribbons, bows, and a swoon-worthy collection of papers.

Traditional Christmas Morning

Kids Christmas wrapping
Pull ribbon and bells from Creative Bag. Sticker tag from Dollarama.

Glamourous Good Tidings

Country Chic

Country Chic holiday gift
Paper, ribbon and tag from Creative Bag. Ornament cluster from Dollarama.

Canadian Cabin in The Woods

Cabin in the woods, holiday gift wrapping
Birch bark, topper and plaid paper from Creative Bag.

Christmas for the Kids

Wrapping Wish List

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  1. Creative Bag is the best! Dollarama also has really cute wine gift bags, I like to keep a bunch on hand for holiday parties / dinners!

  2. I share your love of wrapping! Depending on the Christmas movie I choose to watch, I pour either a hot chocolate and Bailey’s, or a glass of my favourite wine (in other words, I like to pair a silly movie with the hot chocolate, and a holiday romance with wine!). I love this tradition.

    1. It’s super easy! If I can do it, anyone can. I will include a tutorial in our newsletter – coming out in a few days. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do it from the main page (right hand side).

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