20 Ultimate Movies Celebrating Friendship

Why is it that some of us are better friends to others than we are to ourselves? We’re quick to recognize when a friend needs a listening ear, a kind heart, a warm hug or even a helping hand with dinner but when it comes to nurturing ourselves . . . I’ve seen so many of my friends extend themselves to everyone and everything and have absolutely nothing leftover to give themselves.

Alyson Pancer encouraged us to build in protected time into our weekly schedule and more recently I read The Hormone Diet by Dr. Natasha Tuner, who stresses the importance of creating a soothing nighttime ritual (like a warm bath) to trigger your sleep producing hormones.


So here it is, official permission to indulge in some uninterrupted “Me Time” and should that time include the television, here are some recommendations for the ultimate movies celebrating friendship.

From Carol

From Beth-Anne 


From Nathalie  



Read Plenty more about protected time here. Maybe books are more your thing?  We’ve got Plenty of suggestions!

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