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I rue the day that iPads came into our home. My children view them as extensions of their bodies and can’t go a day without have to “check” on something, begging to watch a video or send a SnapChat. I know more about Minecraft than any 35 year-old mother needs to know. Full disclosure: I also love the iPads. When I want to squeeze in a manicure but I have my youngest in tow, “Here, play with your iPad,” or when we’re on a plane for hours on end, “Here, play with your iPad,” or when I want to sleep in past 6 am, “Here, play with your iPad.”

It’s a devil that’s gotten hold of us, but I tell myself it’s like the phone. My generation would fight to the death over the phone – whose turn it was, privacy, minutes logged. Personal ring-tones evolved from those weary days of sharing one line with an entire family and the cordless was the invention for teenagers of the day.

Since iPads are not going anywhere anytime soon, when I have my Good Mommy hat on, I try to make them useful tools for education and inspiration (to offset the hours spent killing brain cells playing Joy Ride Jetpack).

Flip4Gold, is the perfect antidote for the excess garbage my children are viewing on a daily basis. An equal ratio of fun and entertainment to learning is always a winning equation in my books.

Flip4Gold 2

Developed by a Chartered Accountant and mother of four, the goal of this app is to develop confidence, strengthen numeracy skills and engage children in the excitement and wonder of math. Too often I hear “I’m bad at math” or “I don’t get it” when really, that’s not it at all. Kids who feel defeated by math or who think they are not good at it often just need to review and master their math facts. The faster they can answer an addition or multiplication question, the more confident they will be with more complex problems. Flip4Gold has changed the approach of how math is traditionally presented. Instead of sterile flash-cards or complicated logic games, Flip4Gold is a series of engaging levels that increase in difficulty, challenging numeracy recall while at the same time encouraging critical thinking.

What makes Flip4Gold unique is the built-in multiplication table that serves as a tool for gamers to use should they become stuck on a level a need a clue. Having the table handy eases anxiety and fosters independence and problem-solving skills.

Flip4Gold 1

My boys are tough critics and anything with a whiff of an educational component is often met with resistance but Flip4Gold held their attention and within a few minutes a “friendly” competition developed. . . .I would much rather the competition be over math facts than a shoot ‘em up game any day!

He’s a tough critic when it comes to his apps. That smile doesn’t come easy!

Where to Find

Flip4Gold Jr is ideal for kids ages 5-7 who are just discovering the world of math. It’s always free and is available for download on the App Store. Flip4Gold is for everyone over the age of 8 – even teens and adults – and is free for another few months for download on the App Store so hurry!


Disclaimer: Plenty was paid to review this app but all opinions expressed are our own.  We can’t be bought . . . for any amount of gold.

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  1. Thanks Beth Anne for sharing! I’ve been searching for an App that the kids can use when their “Minecraft minutes” aren’t available! If your critic gave this App a thumbs up, it’s no doubt mine will too!

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