What is Past Life Regression?

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Many years ago, before I had children, I worked as a fifth grade teacher. Midway through the year, I arrived at school armed with a bust of Nefertiti, an oversized map of the Nile and a stack of books about King Tut ready to teach the eager 10 year-olds about the history and mystery of ancient Egypt.

About a week into the study, a young student grew fearful while viewing a movie about ceremonial burials. The next day she was absent from class and there was a message from her mother for me to contact her. When I called the mother I was not prepared for the conversation that ensued. She told me that her daughter is sensitive to the subject of ancient Egypt . . . because she had in a previous life been a young Egyptian boy in ancient times and had experienced a horrific death.

I am surprised that I didn’t drop the phone. I stammered that I understood (I did not) and that I would try to be supportive (um, how?) before hanging-up but for years after I was intrigued about what this mother had shared.

Fast forward to this month’s theme, Wonders & Curiosities, I finally had the perfect excuse to delve more into the idea of Past Life Regression.

When looking for an expert in past life regression and energy healing, I knew a simple Google search wouldn’t yield the results I wanted. I didn’t want to weed through schemers and opportunists. I wanted a respected practitioner. So when Jill England, a yoga teacher and energy healer, recommended Vivian Osal with the endorsement that she’s the best, I knew that I had found the one.

I arrived at Vivian’s office and took a seat in the waiting room. It’s a banal, generic waiting room complete with outdated magazines, poster art and plants. I was hoping to see an eccentric cast of characters adorned with flowing robes and smelling of incense all waiting to healed. Instead, sadly, everyone looked just like me – stuffed into winter coats and fumbling with ours phones while desperately avoiding eye contact.

Moments later in walked Vivian. Her appearance didn’t pique my curiosity but her warm, kind smile did. Settling into her office, Vivian brought over a glass of water and sat across from me all the while keeping her eyes on me. Her voice is soft, and she speaks in a thoughtful way weighing carefully what I’ve asked or said before responding.

Naturally the first thing I wanted to know is how does one become an energy healer, channeler and teacher. Despite or perhaps in spite of her Catholic upbringing Vivian, a twin, always felt that she had this gift. For as long as she can remember she has been highly sensitive to energy and the spirit world but her path to a becoming a renowned healer was not straightforward. While working at her corporate career, Vivian felt dissatisfied and one day she had what she describes as an awakening – a voice telling her to get out and try something new. A few months after leaving her job, she went to a retreat she experienced Reiki for the first time and it changed her life. Over time she has completed extensive training.   She is a Reiki Master and taken courses in Hypnotherapy Akashic Record, Past Life Regression, Deep Trans Meditation, Abuse Counselling, Chakra Balancing and Angel Reading. Since 2001 she has helped thousands of clients, including many psychotherapists and psychologists, deal with depression, anxiety, and loneliness, and discover the power of positivity and their higher selves through her personalized healing sessions.

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5 Questions for Vivian

Plenty: Why do people want to have a past life regression?

Vivian: Many people come to see me to feel better. Some want to explore a relationship in their life or simply learn more about themselves. Others come to explore feelings that they’ve had for as long as they can remember; common feelings are fears of blood, heights, money and abandonment. For example sometimes people who are expressing anxiety or depression benefit from regressing to a past life of happiness. They get a chance to “see” themselves from a brand new perspective. People come for a variety of reasons but it’s really what you do after the session that’s most important. Hours, days or weeks after a regression the dots get connected in their minds and they start experiencing the integration of the session to their current life.

Plenty: What are the benefits of energy work?

Vivian: There are many benefits, such as reduce pain, lower stress levels, clarity and calm of mind, and just an overall feeling of wellbeing. People need to be open when they come to see me and validate the pain they are experiencing. Pain is pain. What may be painful to you may not be for someone else but that doesn’t lessen the pain in anyway. It’s your life and it’s a big deal. Energy work can lead to finding your own light and feelings of empowerment.

Plenty: What was your most interesting reading?

Vivian: (laughs)

Plenty: Is this like asking you to choose which child you love more?

Vivian: (laughs) Yes! They are all special but one that comes to mind is a woman called and asked to see me after her brother died. She arrived at the office with her two sisters and her mother. Usually I wouldn’t allow extra people in the session, but her brother came through and told me to allow it. What followed was a lively discussion! The brother had been a healer at an Ashram in India and was coming through so clearly, it was if he was sitting right next to me! Well he was, just not in the physical form. He was very specific about where the family could find important documents and details what they were to do with his estate.

Plenty: What advice do you have for first-timers?

Vivian: I ask people to come in with an open mind and an open heart. Nothing happens without the client’s permission. I always tell my clients, not to be afraid of of letting go to what no longer serves them, even if it means going into dark places. My role is to hold space and guide them through the shadows. I am not a stonemason, but I have a mighty sledgehammer to get you through those walls.

Plenty: What do you say to skeptics?

Vivian: I have a great respect for independent minds and enjoy understanding why people believe what they do, but I don’t have a lot of time when reasoning comes from a place of fear. There was a time when I felt I needed to defend my beliefs and the work I do, but I don’t feel that way anymore.

On A Personal Note

My interview with Vivian was winding down. I had thoroughly enjoyed almost two hours with her. She was generous with her time and her beliefs, holding nothing back while at the same time allowing moments of silence to permeate the conversation. Perhaps most compelling was her professionalism. It is clear her work as an energy healer is not only sacred to her but it’s also her job.  She is committed to her clients and doesn’t book more than 4-5 sessions per day to ensure that each client gets the best of her.

As I gathered my notebook and prepared to leave, I was casually chatting with Vivian when she interrupted me and asked me who X is. I could have been knocked over with feather! She had said the uncommon name of my grandfather, long since dead, and then proceeded to share a message. As she said the words, I had chills run through me. Hours later when I repeated the message to my mother, we both had the same reaction – the words used, including a pet name, were so specific to him. There is no way that message could have come from anyone else.


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