A Psychic Reading with Mediumship by Meg Gardner

As a child, I loved spending time with my grandma. I remember her always having a sixth sense.  She didn’t receive messages or communicate with spirits, but she had a general sort of intuition.  I felt like I had it, too.

When Plenty approached me to see if I’d be interested in writing about meeting with a psychic, I jumped at the chance. It’s something I’d never done but always had an interest in – and I wanted to see if I could connect with my grandma.

I met with Selina Khan of Toronto Psychic Services at her home office in Oakville.  My intention was to go into the session a bit guarded, not wanting to show my cards by confirming or guiding the conversation.  Selina made it hard – she was warm and welcoming and jumped right in, connecting with me immediately by describing my chakra through the colors she saw around me.  I felt as though she was describing me –the real me- to a ‘T’.  But how could she?  We’d never met!

The reading moved into a mediumship. There were two spirits there wanting to connect, asking Selina to communicate with me and sending messages with symbols and signs.  Unfortunately, I didn’t understand who was trying to reach me.  “But they really want to connect with you,” Selina said, “they are both coming through in a very strong way.”  A third, less powerful spirit, was in the distance to my left.  It came through as my grandpa – who was married to the grandmother that I so wanted to connect with!  But he didn’t communicate a message other than his presence.  I asked if my grandma was there.  She said no, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t want to – perhaps it wasn’t the right time.

Selina then continued with her psychic reading. I showed her pictures of my husband and children.  She described their chakras, and I sat in amazement as she detailed every nuance of each of their individual personalities.  From pictures.  She went on to describe characteristics of the relationships I have with my husband and children.  She was spot on with each and every one, so much so that my eyes grew wide and I simply became silent.  I was gripped.

By far the most gripping information I got from my time with Selina was when she identified a clairaudient element in my chakra. I have an intuitive element and can receive messages – its location in my chakra is toward the back of my head, meaning it’s hereditary.  And when she took a look at my middle child, she saw it there, too.

That’s when I knew. My grandma really was there with me, all along.



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