Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There is a tradition in some parts of giving gifts related to cooking and cleaning on Mother’s Day.  We here at Plenty do not endorse that tradition.  We would humbly suggest that if you need a new frying pan or vacuum, you put that in the household budget and not in front of Mother on Mother’s Day.  We would also humbly suggest that flowers are a wonderful gift on any day of the year except Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.  Inflated prices do not amuse us, they make us cranky.

I think it’s safe to assume that most of you are mothers, and we do hope we speak for you with at least some of the items on this list.  We know that some of you are mothers married to mothers, and some of you are single mothers, and some of you are really, really tired mothers and some of you are mothers who just don’t need or want a thing.   We do not presume to know all of your needs, but we would like to think we can offer some great suggestions.  Please feel free to add or subtract to this list as you see fit, and feel free to share this list with your children, spouses and extended family if you think they could benefit.  We’re talking to them, now.

Instead of roses, give her…

Rose Gin.  Nothing says “I love you” like hard liquor.  Dillon’s Rose Gin is available at the LCBO.  It’s delicious.


Instead of a day at the spa, give her…

A day out in nature.  Pack a picnic.  Spend time together.  She probably likes you enough to spend the day with you.

A day at home alone.  Pack a picnic.  Take the kids away.  Far, far away.  She probably likes you enough to spend the day with you, but she might like you even more if she can spend part of the day alone.

Instead of chocolates, give her…

Ha ha ha ha ha.  There is no instead of chocolates, Silly.  Pfffft.

You probably can’t mess this one up, but we can help you up your chocolate game.  How about this customizable box of chocolates from Love & Co?

OOAK - Chocolates

Instead of an ordinary gift, give her…

A gift with super powers.  There are so many ways to give gifts that give back.  If you have an idea for a gift, see if there’s a company that will provide it with value-added super powers.  We like

  • Far & Wide Collective, which connects artisans in emerging economies to the international market
  • Toms, which helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services to people in need
  • Guess, which is donating 10% of denim and accessory sales between April 25-30 to Peace Over violence to support their efforts to end domestic violence
  • 7 Virtues, which aims to make perfume, not war
  • War Child Canada with its Mother’s Day Sacrifice campaign
  • Plenty More Gifts that Give Back

Instead of taking our word for it, ask her.

Because, really, what do we know?  We know that no one knows better than the mother in question.

And now, it’s back to you, mothers.  When they ask, “What would you like for Mother’s Day?”  for heaven’s sake tell them.  I asked for a set of kettle bells, and I am really, really excited to put them to use!

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