A Mother’s Day Wish

Teri O'Brien-Girard

Let’s be honest, we’re sick of the “mommy wars” and we bet you are too.  Mothering is a tough gig whether you stay-at-home or work outside the home because you’re never a part-time parent. Mothers are tasked with making choices (the luckiest of us get to make more of them) from the day we discover that we’re pregnant and from that moment our choices are judged.  When we created 4Mothers1Blog and then transitioned to Plenty, we’ve always strived to maintain a place where parents could share and learn from each other.  It always makes us feel good when readers leave comments saying how much they appreciated hearing from a different point of view.  Learning to see things from a different side only creates a stronger community where all parents feel supported. We’re our own worst critics, we don’t need anyone else weighing-in.

To celebrate Mother’s Day we share a piece written by Terri O’Brien-Girard, a mom of 4 who also has a career in the financial industry.  She originally wrote this article to be shared with her work colleagues but we think that her message to her children transcends the workplace.

Happy Mother’s Day!


The Four Reasons Why I’m Celebrating Mother’s Day as a Proud Working Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms and Mentors (this includes Aunties)! As a Mom, I believe in the Adlerian philosophy of the 4 Crucial C’s in healthy childhood development, which advocates that every child needs to feel capable and that they count as an important person; they need to find courage for their everyday interactions and problem-solving, and they need to feel connected to the world. So this year I am dedicating one philosophy to each of my children to explain why being a Working Mom is so worthwhile:

For Larissa: she’s 15 (going on 19) and I recently brought her to a Women of Influence luncheon where she met some the great women of TD. Larissa was astonished to learn that one woman is a published author, another is a jazz singer and a third is an interior designer of our cool new open work spaces.

I was so very proud to be a Working Mom that day (and every day) for Larissa because:

  • It gave me the opportunity to watch her grow into the realization (almost before my eyes) that she is capable of becoming so many different things in her life
  • I was able to open up a world of possibilities to her and share why I love my job and the amazing people I work with at TD

For Haley: she’s 13 and shy, quiet, introverted and we find courage in each other through sharing our stories of the things that take bravery to accomplish every day. We acknowledge that it’s often hard and share the laughter and relief when we do it anyway. She needs me to be her role model for courage and she doesn’t realize it but she’s mine.

I’m proud to be a Working Mom for Haley because I can share with her that:

  • While it takes courage to do so many things (like writing this very personal blog in the hopes that it helps another Working Mom find her joys), the rewards are tremendous; she gives me courage to try new things every day
  • When things don’t work out, we have our “disappointment-ice-cream” and discuss why we were still better off for trying

For Sean: he’s 6 and the most compassionate person I’ve ever met; he helps every person he meets know that they are important and they count. He patches up hurt feelings and checks in (usually with a hug) when his friends seem nervous. He teaches me to pause and think about how the other person is feeling.

I’m proud to be a Working Mom for Sean because I can show him:

  • I work because, as much as I love him and his siblings and their Dad, I love myself too and part of my life, my career, is about me and that’s a good thing too
  • In also supporting ourselves, we all count. As Sean grows up, I want him to keep every compassionate bone in his body, and keep just one for him too

For Michael: finally, my baby Michael is 3 years old and we all need to feel connected to the world, including him, even at the tender age of three.

I’m proud to be a Working Mom for Michael because:

  • As much as I adore my baby boy, I know I can’t wrap him up in a cocoon
  • And I also know he is a much better and brighter person (and so am I) because I find the strength to send us both out to be connected with the world every day – him to pre-school and me to work


Terri is a business executive with four crazy, wonderful children and lives in North Toronto with her husband Bill.  Look for her upcoming post on blended families coming to Plenty in June!



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