June is All About Siblings


June is nearly here (yay!), and that means that summer is nearly here (double yay!!), and all too often, that means siblings spend a lot more time together (yay?).  Sometimes, summer sibling time goes smoothly and sometimes, it just doesn’t.

This month, Plenty has lots of sibling stories to help you celebrate and cope with summer sibling time.  We have advice on how to manage sibling rivalry, and how to parent siblings in a blended family.  You know that Carol, Beth-Anne and Nathalie are all mothers of three boys; we will be interviewing other mothers of three boys to get their take on this particular brand of siblings.  We also have interviews with mothers of twins, bless them.  We have a meditation on siblings with special needs, and we have a humorous take on siblings on road trips.  We have an interview with an only child, and we have a discussion of adoption.  We also have a haunting call and echo piece written by two siblings, whose support for and love of each other is an inspiration and hope for all of us raising siblings.

So, here’s to summer time and sibling time.  We hope you will enjoy reading along with us and our guests as much as we have.

Plenty more hilarity on siblings here and here and here.

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