Our Favourite Pieces of Technology

At Plenty, technology fascinates and baffles us in approximately equal measure. So we decided to turn to our friends and guests who might have a less ambiguous relationship with it, or at least a fantastic relationship with one part of it. What is your favourite piece of technology? we asked them. And they answered. Here’s a window to the other side of the screen.

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Natalie Boese McIntyre (Plenty Guest Contributor of Perfectly Imperfect)

I adore my Apple watch. It allows me to keep my phone in my purse and only quickly glance at texts to see if it’s important and then get back to what I was doing before. It’s perfect for exercise, or listening to music with my wireless headphones. If all else fails, it tells time perfectly!

Elisa Keay of Urban suburban Mommy (Plenty Guest Contributor of Just Go! and iWant iCrave)

I love tech and there are so many screens in my home that you would think we were in competition with Best Buy. 

My fave, though, is the WD Media box. It’s sort of along the lines of an Apple TV only a bit cooler. It has a bunch of apps allowing you to use your TV to surf the net and stream YouTube, sporting events, music and files off of your computer. 

We like it because it can access Netflix too. We don’t have cable. We can control what the boys watch – and the boys have a huge range of shows, movies, documentaries and series at their disposal while not getting spoon fed commercials and they have to actively choose what to watch. I like that they’re used to putting on music and looking up viral cat videos. While we do control screen time we also encourage a strong foundation of popular culture and pop culture references. 

Amy Taylor (of The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy, featured in Plenty article Cloud-Busting: The Art of Tasseomancy)

My favourite piece of technology has got to be my iPad Mini. I would be completely lost without it as I do most of my business interactions via email, messenger and social media with it as well use it as my main scheduler. If I don’t have my iPad around, I have no idea where I am supposed to be next! I also use it with a Bluetooth Headrush portable speaker for playing music at my tearoom, events and private parties.

Sarah Henstra (author or YA hit Mad Miss Mimic, which Nathalie reviewed, and Plenty Guest Contributor of Tarot Cards and Storytelling)

My latest favourite piece of technology is my portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s a relatively inexpensive Bose model called the Soundlink Color; when I researched this product, the reviews criticized its cheap 1980s styling but praised its sound quality.

I like being able to place it near me in the kitchen so I can simultaneously cook dinner and rock out to my “weird hippie shit” (read: Anais Mitchell or Milk Carton Kids) without bothering my teenager while he’s gaming on the desktop in the dining room. My twelve year old will connect his iPod for listening to YouTube playlists at homework time. The speaker is also handy for amping up the sound on my laptop when we’re watching a movie in bed (no TV in the house).

bluetooth speaker technology favourite best

Given any thought to what’s your favourite piece of technology? Tell us!

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