7 Audiobooks for Your Next Drive

Back-to-school, back-to-the-grind, back-to-traffic!  For many, September marks the return of commuter traffic.  After the brief reprieve that the summer months allow, the streets are now often congested, and routines and activities resume with full-force.

Audio books and podcasts are worth taking the time to vet and download, making traffic (and even exercising) more bearable.  Autobiographies are my preferred choice.  They are easy to stop and start – no complicated plot lines to follow or characters to remember.  I like to conjure my own imagery when reading fiction and the narrator’s voice often grows irritating mid-way through the book, distracting me from the overall experience.  Secondly, I like hearing people’s stories. Athletes, politicians, artists, writers . . . everyone has a unique story to share and often times I am inspired or enlightened by what I’ve heard.

For a great laugh listen to these funny women.  For great inspiration listen to these funny women.  For great messages about how to be a good, decent human being, listen to these funny women.

I could (and would) listen to Barak Obama read anything but his first book Dreams From My Father is my favourite.  Before he leaves office this November, put it on your audiobook list.


I had read so much backlash about Amy Chua that I had to hear the battle hymn straight from the mouth of the Tiger Mom.  I have to admit, there were some times I was saying Amen! Chua may have polarized moms across the nation but one thing is for sure, she got us all talking.  Before taking sides, don’t fall victim to the sound bites and listen to the book in its entirety before joining a team.


Listening to Hollywood royalty dish is a good way to while away the time.  Two lengthy tomes worth the time are written and read by Barbara Walters and Jane Fonda.  Love her or hate her, Barbara Walters has been smashing the glass ceiling for years and listening to her recount years of cutthroat journalism, angling for coveted interviews and sitting down with Castro . . . you can’t help but be impressed.  As for Jane, I want to ask her if she has ever met Jannette Walls (The Glass Castle) because the two of them could swap tales!   I don’t even think a fiction novel could have been more of a story.

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