3 Super Easy Handmade Body Care Recipes


I recently described my adventures and top 10 tips for hosting an all-natural handmade skin care party for 8 kids. As promised, here are the easy peasy recipes that were at the centre of all the handmaking.

My criteria when choosing recipes:

* ingredients had to be readily available
* no complicated mixing or techniques
* products that the kids or adults making them would actually use.

So you won’t find anything wildly obscure or wildly original here.  What you will find are great recipes that you, your kids, and your party-goers can easily make, feel good about, and use with pleasure. No toxins, no chemicals, no killer price tag – just lots of love for your skin. Enjoy!

Moisturizing Lotion Bars 

Ingredients (for about 12 medium-sized bars)

300g coconut oil
200g cocoa butter
200g beeswax
30-40 drops of essential oil (optional)


1. Melt everything in a double boiler and combine well.
2. Pour into molds and let harden completely before using.

Easy Handmade Body Care Recipes Skin Bath Bomb Sugar Scrub Lotion Bar


I used silicone muffin molds (regular and mini) for my bars. Silicone is really easy to use as the bars will just pop out perfectly. But you could also use plastic molds or metal muffin tins – you’ll just have to gently knock them out once the bars have hardened.

The quantities in the lotion bars can be modified. In the past I’ve made lotion bars using equal parts coconut oil, beeswax, and almond oil. More beeswax makes a harder bar. The bars will be naturally hard in the winter anyway, so I’ve opted for a bar with less beeswax this time around. Bottom line: don’t worry if your measurements aren’t perfect – this recipe is forgiving.

Wash out the double boiler as soon as you empty it (before any residual wax hardens) for easy clean-up.

Easy Handmade Body Care Recipes Skin Bath Bomb Sugar Scrub Lotion Bar

Cocoa Sugar Scrub

Ingredients (for about 1 cup of scrub)

8 Tbs white sugar
4 Tbs brown sugar
4 Tbs salt
2 Tbs cocoa butter, melted
3 Tbs castor, avocado, or olive oil
20 drops essential oil (lavender, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus were popular)


1. Blend the sugars and salt together (the kids blended with their fingers).
2. Work in the melted cocoa butter and oil.
3. Add essential oils and blend well.
4. Store in a 240 ml/8 oz glass jar.

Easy Handmade Body Care Recipes Skin Bath Bomb Sugar Scrub Lotion Bar

Homemade Bath Bombs

Ingredients (for 6-12 bath bombs)

1 cup baking soda
½ cup citric acid
½ cup corn starch
1 ½ tsp almond or olive oil
½ tsp total of essential oils (lavender, peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus were popular)
few drops food colouring (optional)
rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle


1. Mix almond or olive oil and essential oils in a small dish.
2. Mix dry ingredients well in a large bowl (the kids went straight at it with their fingers!).
3. Slowly add the oils to your dry ingredients mixing as you go. Take the time to get rid of any lumps.
4. Add food coloring (if using) and mix well.
5. Spray the rubbing alcohol into your mixture several times and mix well. Repeat until it’s damp enough that when you squeeze it in your hand, it stays together, like damp sand. You want it damp enough to hold together but not so wet that you activate the fizzing quality of the ingredients (you want to save that for the bath!).
6. Add mixture to your mold and pack it in as firmly as you can. Repeat until the mold is packed full.
7. Spray the top of the bath bomb once or twice with rubbing alcohol. Press down again.
8. Let dry for 30 minutes.
9. Flip mold over and gently tap with a wooden spoon to pop bath bomb out.
10. Let dry overnight.



As I mentioned in my previous post on how to host a handmade body care party, the kids *loved* making the bath bombs. It’s tactile and fun, and with a selection of essential oils and food colouring, there was a lot of room for personalizing their creations.


Some of the kids’ bath bombs fell apart when flipped over and untapped. This means they weren’t quite damp enough. If this happens, put the pieces and powder in a pretty bag so they can still enjoy the moisturizing and aromatic bath that they’ve earned.

Bath bombs can with spraying water rather than rubbing alcohol, but the alcohol activates the dry ingredients less and allows for a greater margin of experimentation with is good for a kids party. Some people say using witch hazel is also less reactive.

I find tin or plastic molds easier to use than silicone molds for bath bombs. Silicone molds make the bomb easier to remove, but it’s harder to fully pack them because they are flexible. We used regular sized muffin tins with good success. If you’re going to make bath bombs often, consider investing in round plastic ornament molds, as these are big, beautiful, and rival their lookalikes at Lush.

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