Consonant & Live Clean: Two Canadian Eco-Friendly Skincare Lines That Impress

One of my pet peeves as a female consumer is how companies will use pseudoscience or scientific jargon in their marketing of skincare products.  The market is so saturated that I suppose they have to say something other than “This will clean your face,” and “This will make your skin soft,” and “This will take 20 years off of your age.”  The first two I’d believe, the last, not so much. Hyperbole.  Jargon.  Misinformation.  Making us dissatisfied with how we look.  Making us fear the most inevitable of all things, the passing of time.  It all gets under my skin, and not in a good way.  It also bothers me that even if you do manage to read about the real science and figure out what ingredient does what, two products with the same active ingredients can differ so enormously in price.  Where does luxury leave off and fraud begin?

What do I want from a skincare company?  Well, I want something to clean my skin, something to make my skin soft, and something to take, if not 20 years off of my age, then maybe a little of the sag out of the wrinkly bits.

Enter two Canadian, eco-friendly skincare lines that got under my skin … in a good way.

I met the folks from Live Clean at The Baby Show in Toronto recently, and I was immediately struck by two things: the line is plant-based and eco-friendly, and the price point makes it really, really attractive.  Here is how they describe themselves:

We’re the calm in the
middle of the skincare storm. We’re the great basics that are gentle, calming
and soothing to your skin. Our plant and natural based ingredients are hypo-
allergenic, dermatologist tested and effective for even the most sensitive
Amen to that!  Calm in the storm is what this consumer wants.  The Foaming Daily Cleanser ($14.99 for 175ml) took off every last trace of make up and passed the no-skin-coloured-smears-on-the-white-towel test.  I hasten to add that not all cleansers pass this test.  I used their Refreshing Facial Wipes ($9.99 for 30 wipes) to remove my sunblock before working out (I don’t like to sweat with sunblock on my face), and the wipes left my skin feeling clean, but not stripped of moisture.  The Smoothing Facial Scrub ($14.99 for 140g) is made with ground corn husks, so I didn’t feel like I was polluting the earth with microbeads as my dead skin cells went down the drain.  For $9.99 you can buy their Trial and Travel Kit, and for the price of a latte and a muffin, you can try it out for yourself.  Live Clean is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Overwaitea, and online at, and, and  you can go to Live Clean to learn more.
And as for luxury I’m prepared to pay for, I think that Consonant is a line that gets so much right.  Their mantra is, “What goes on your body goes in your body.”  But they aren’t all just earnest pledges to quality; they have just a dash of snark:
All of our products are 100% natural, and formulated with the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients. But they are still skin care, not salad dressing: They improve the look of your skin with results you will notice immediately.
I like that differentiation: I do actually want skincare, not salad dressing.  All of Consonant Skincare’s 100 per cent natural products are created and produced in Canada, and, this too, is a big part of its attraction. 
Winter is coming, and this is not just a phrase to strike fear into the hearts of the people of Westeros.  As soon as the radiators go on, my skin dries out.  I haven’t found anything to beat Consonant’s Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin ($54 for 50ml) for my winter hydration needs.  It’s one of those things on my counter that just gives me a boost of pleasure because I know it’s going to feel good and do its job.  Period.
I recently tried Consonant’s DHE Mask ($45 for 75ml).  Look, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.  Here’s what it does: “Mineral-rich Manicouagan Clay, extracted from the site of a 215 million year old asteroid crash in Quebec, detoxifies and clarifies skin with the help of Willow Bark and Tea Tree Extracts.  Potent Cassia Angustifolia, Grape Seed and Olive Oils nourish and deliver optimal hydration making skin plump, firm and beautifully radiant.  A unique blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acid fruit enzymes gently exfoliate, revealing the softer and smoother skin underneath.  The result is brighter, healthier, and younger looking skin from the very first use.”  Clay from an asteroid!  A mask that makes your face green is made from alien material!!  Also, it multitasks.  I’m sold.
Consonant is available directly from Consonant’s website, from their stores, from these vendors,  and from Sephora.
Consonant and Live Clean kindly sent us samples of their products.  The opinions are our own.

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