SUBWAY® Restaurants Bring Fresh Local Produce to Ontario!

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My husband and I are pretty careful when it comes to eating healthfully with our kids. There’s no perfection around here, but we do try to pack in our fruits and veggies, avoid processed snacks, serve dessert as the exception not the rule, and enjoy water as our beverage of choice. We’re the family who takes a cooler of healthy choices when spending three days at a waterpark, just to minimize the impact of junk foods!

But like everyone else in the real world, we sometimes need a fast choice when travelling or just when time runs short right here at home. When this happens, we almost always turn to SUBWAY® Restaurants. Our kids love it because it’s delicious, and my husband and I love it because when you need a quick meal, it’s usually the best option around – up to four servings of veggies in a foot-long sub! (More info about SUBWAY® Restaurants’ menu and nutrition facts here.)

But now there’s one more reason to feel great about our go-to fast restaurant chain – SUBWAY® Restaurants are going local!  They are joining forces with Burnac Produce to bring locally grown produce to its Ontario restaurants – all 1,300 of them! This means that when you customize your sub by piling on the toppings SUBWAY® Restaurants are famous for, the tomatoes,cucumbers,and other veggies will be coming from local farms.


SUBWAY® Restaurants‘ move to buy locally in Ontario is huge. There are so many benefits to sourcing local ingredients, from supporting local farmers and employment to reducing emissions from food transportation to enjoying fresher foods. As a leading chain, SUBWAY® Restaurants are setting new standards for sustainability and paving the path for greater environmental responsibility for the whole industry.


This is music to my ears. As a family, we try to make sustainable choices – we drive a hybrid, conserve energy, and watch our habits of consumption. We also garden with the kids. We do this for the pleasure of it, but also so they have a better understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from. Individual action matters, and we want the children to know that small actions add up.

At the same time, it is a real boost for all of us to have a major player like SUBWAY® Restaurants take this stride towards sustainability. The positive environmental impact of sourcing local produce for all of its Ontario restaurants is that much more profound due to its scale, and will hopefully encourage others to do the same.

Our family has always enjoyed eating at SUBWAY® Restaurants, and now we have even more reasons to love it. The horizons of pleasure when eating a fabulous sub have widened even more! I’m looking forward to talking to my kids about how SUBWAY® Restaurants are going local. It’s not quite as short as walking to the backyard for our tomatoes, but it’s pretty much the next best thing.


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