A Perfumed Ritual with Darphin’s Facial Oils

With more from the “it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it” files, I am ready to report on the time I have spent over the last few weeks trying Darphin’s luxurious line of facial oils.

I love perfume.  I’m more than a little obsessed with it, and it is one of the abiding joys in my life, but until recently, fragrance was strictly out of the question when it came to what went on my face.  Until a year ago, I had used the same fragrance-free skincare for over 30 years.  “Keep it simple” was my motto, and I simply never looked at anything outside of the basic 3-step skincare routine.  To be honest, skincare is such a saturated market, that I did not want to look.  The selection is overwhelming, the marketing so aggressive, the pseudoscience and jargon so off-putting.

Then a friend with gorgeous skin suggested a new sunscreen, and then she gave me a night cream to try, and then a serum, and all of a sudden, I was looking outside of my self-imposed limits for the first time in decades.  And, yes, it is a bit overwhelming, but it is also so much fun.  The key is trust, and I trusted the advice of someone whose methods were tried and true.  This same friend is the one who told me that she puts a spritz of perfume on before bed.  Genius!  I am often awake reading for a few hours after getting into bed, so enjoying my perfume in that quiet time has become a treat at the end of the day.

Trying Darphin’s facial oils has been an exercise in indulging my love of fragrance at the same time as pampering my skin before bed.  There are many oils to choose from, and each fragrance targets a different type of skin: tangerine (energizing), rose (rehydrating), chamomile (soothing), jasmine (smoothing), nailoui (to subdue shine for overactive skin), orange blossom (brightening) and 8-flower nectar (rejuvenating).  One of my favourite things about this line is that the smell that appeals to you is the oil that you need, so the fragrance really is front and centre in the experience and the choice.


I tried jasmine, rose and the 8-flower nectar, and I can say without hesitation that putting these oils on at the end of the day is pure bliss.  My skin is already starting to dry out now that the radiators are on in the house, and applying the oils is as much a satisfying tactile experience as it is a beautifully fragrant one.  My skin feels well hydrated from the minute it goes on, and I wake up without the feeling of tightness that comes with dry skin.

The ritual begins after you have cleansed and toned your skin and applied your nighttime serum.  A little goes a long way, and the method Darphin suggests for applying the oils is to put a drop on each finger tip.  Rub your fingertips together to warm up the oil and then cup your hands in front of your face to breathe in the fragrance.  Then gently massage the oil in from the collar bones to the centre of the face and outwards.  You can finish with a moisturizer if needed. I liked the 8-flower nectar so much that I bought the oil cream, and I finish my nighttime routine with it.


I use a different oil each night, and it is truly a ritual with all attendant calming and soothing benefits.  I love that I can now combine my love of fragrance with my skincare, and that the oils work so well to moisturize.  I love the lingering fragrance as I climb into bed, curl up with my books and drift off to sleep.   I especially love that I have found something new that will remain a part of my nighttime ritual.

Darphin is available at Sephora.


Darphin provided samples of the oils for me to try.  The opinions are entirely my own.


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