A List of Things You Need to Give Up Now

I read somewhere that a woman’s life can be visualized as a U-shape.  In her teens and 20s, she’s experiencing life’s highs and often she describes levels of great satisfaction.  However, it’s in her late 30s and 40s when she reports experiencing some of life’s greatest stressors: struggling with a young children or with infertility, trying (in vain) to break through that glass ceiling, possibly dealing with the fallout of divorce, and/or finding herself sandwiched between caring for young children and aging parents.

The good news?  Many women report that their 50s and 60s are decades of empowerment.  I’ve seen it first hand: women charging back into the workforce, or marching away with their heads held high, flipping the bird to every onerous, time-sucking responsibility that they unwilling assumed. 

From these women, I have learned that there are things in life that are okay to give up on because when we give up what doesn’t bring us happiness, we make room for something that will.


Here are some of the things my friends and I have learned to give up on, guilt-free:

  • Books that are not interesting.
  • Parties that you don’t want to go to.
  • Shoes and bras that are uncomfortable. 
  • Cooking dinner. 
  • Friendships that leave you feeling drained.
  • Men that treat you poorly.
  • Eating kale.


Share what you have given up without regret!

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  1. OMG. Just read this. And I couldn’t agree more! I was just talking with a friend about the drama that seems to come with certain friends…there is no time like the present to let go and say goodbye to things and people that make you stressed. Thanks Plenty for the reminder!

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