Top Viewed Post From 2016: Suit Up! The Latest in Bathing Suit Trends from Melmira


Years ago I purchased my first swimsuit from Melmira and became an instant fan. A family-run business, these women know their stuff. They are all about instilling confidence and celebrating the female form! The staff at Melmira believe that women should try-on every suit before making a purchase, but if you see something you love and don’t live in the Toronto area, orders via the phone and online are possible.


Yes ladies, the bittersweet reality of swimwear season is upon us!

With hot weather and outdoor lifestyles around the corner after a long winter of hibernating, it can be a shock getting used to the idea of “exposing all” in a few short weeks.

Now … how to lessen that anxiety and make the most of your fun in the sun? In a word: get some expert help.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your curves by taking the time to be fit for a swimsuit that suits your body, your comfort level, and your lifestyle. Just as being fit by an expert bra fitter offers solutions that you never thought imaginable, the same magic can apply to swimwear.

If your curiosity is piqued, and a swimsuit fitting is on your “to-do list”, keep an open mind but also keep in mind what the trends are telling us this season. Here’s a roundup of this season’s leading style trends:

Like in outerwear, colors trend in and out of swimwear fashion. Bold solid colors are being showcased this season, with corals (autumn color) and cobalts (winter color) standing out as favorites. If understated elegance is your taste, gravitate toward the taupes and soft floral prints that we saw on the runways this spring.


When it comes to bikinis, women are not only mixing different styles on the top and bottom in order to best complement their figure, but different color palettes as well. Let’s face it, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and color blocking or ombre prints, used to distract the eye to certain areas or details, offers a very contemporary yet flattering effect.

While it is now common practice to mix and match tops and bottoms when exploring bikinis or tankinis, don’t worry if it’s just not working out. The full one-piece has had a complete revival, and can not only be a very flattering and slimming look, but also very sexy! In addition, retro-inspired swimwear, with high-waisted bikinis, stripes and polka dots, offer some coverage and exude confidence by still showing off a little tummy. Lastly, the scuba look is finding it’s way into swimwear fashion! High necklines, zippers, and neoprene fabrics allow for sun coverage and functionality, all while staying very contemporary!


Once the swimwear has been selected, the fun begins! Cover-ups and cruisewear — what we wear over our suit from poolside to bar side, and even out to dinner in many cases — complete the look and make travelling seamless. Less is more when it comes to packing, and versatile maxi dresses and kaftans are definitely all the rage right now. If you want to add a feminine edge to your wardrobe this season, invest in lace and crochet for the beach!


Fashion and lifestyle aside, body types are an important part of your swimwear decisions. A few pieces of advice should be taken into account if…

PETITE – Keep it simple because less is more. Too much fabric can overwhelm a small figure.  Pairing a bandeau or halter top with cute bikini bottom is perfect.  If prints are your preference, choose understated, small prints, as larger prints can wear you!


PEAR – As many women can relate, it’s always a good idea to draw the eye up with your swimwear choice! Match a scoop, tank, or square neck top with a bikini bottom that isn’t too full or conservative, as the eye is drawn to fabric and the result may create more fullness than is necessary. If your taste is a little more sporty, or you want sun protection, a high neck is very flattering on a pear shaped figure, as the idea is to broaden the upper body and create a balance. If you like prints, you are in luck – geometrics and patterns are the perfect fit!


CURVY – With this beautiful figure, the magic lies in the details! A plunging neckline or bandeau top is flattering and helps keep the eyes up. Avoid square and blunt necklines, as this can widen your bust and hips, and shorten your body. Similarly to pear-shaped bodies, run wild with geometrics and colour blocking (ombre) patterns! Waist cinching detailing, like a sash or surplus, will celebrate curves and femininity.


ATHLETIC – Accentuate the curves you have! Avoid boxy (square, bandeau, boyleg) styles – halter tops matched with a bikini bottom with a belt or sash tied to the side, is flattering. Any details are perfect for giving shape and creating curves.



Melmira is located at 3319 Yonge Street, Toronto.  Orders can be placed online at or over the phone 416-485-0576.

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