Queen Margherita Pizza, A Perfect Winter Dining Spot


To soften the end of the holidays, I made sure that as soon as they were over, I had dinner plans with Nathalie and Beth-Anne to look forward to. We had arranged to meet at Queen Margherita Pizza weeks earlier, and I know I speak for all three of us when I say it was the kind of anchor date that helps keep a mom moored during the excitement and tumult of the holidays.

Meeting with friends for a delicious dinner in a great restaurant was precisely what we needed, and Queen Margherita Pizza simply hit the spot. What could be better on a cold Saturday night in January than to cozy up to a freshly made pizza baked to perfection in a custom wood-fired oven made in Naples heated to 900°F?  I don’t know, either.



We went to Queen Margherita Pizza on Dundas, which is open concept on the top floor with the bar, and has a cozy second floor with a warm view of the pizza oven. The space had a cool, quietly dynamic vibe. It’s welcoming to large groups and families, but also intimate for couples and smaller clusters of friends.

After sampling from the short but well-curated cocktail menu, we moved onto the appetizers. Nathalie and I tried the seasonal plate of root vegetables, which were magically hearty and delicate at the same time. Beth-Anne ordered a perfectly crisp arancini made with mushrooms, parmigiana, and caramlized onions, and I confess I watched her carefully while she ate it and wished I had belly room for a second order.


For our mains, we ordered a delicious preparation of mushrooms and ribbon pasta, with lots of layers to the flavours. And of course, we ordered pizza – the Margherita – a classic, crowning glory. Topped with Ontario fior di latte mozzarella made exclusively for Queen Margherita Pizza by a local producer, the pizza was predictably delectable and true Neopolitan pizza. Queen Margherita Pizza has a reputation for making outstanding pizzas, and we could see/taste that they well deserve it.


Gratefully, they also make lovely desserts, including mousse. None of us could resist the Nutella mousse specialty, which was light, indulgently satisfying, and a perfect end to our meal.


We were pleasantly surprised to learn that this casually elegant dining – which was all more than capably managed with great service – can be had daily at Queen Margherita Pizza with a super reasonable daily prix fixe of $30. A lovely dining experience that is also accessible makes it a true win all around.

We went to Queen Margherita Pizza‘s Dundas location, but they also have a restaurant farther west in Baby Point, and east in Leslieville. In other words, there’s probably one close to you, calling your name. It’s calling mine and my husband’s loud and clear as our destination for our next night out, when we can sit next to a blazing pizza oven, preferably when it’s freezing outside.


Many thanks to Queen Margherita Pizza for generously hosting Plenty Magazine for dinner and providing photos. All opinions are our own. 

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