Pai’s Thai Market Lunch: Fast, Fresh and Fun

Pai Market Sign

I recently went back to work after five (five!) years at home with the kids. Among the things I needed to adapt to: not seeing the kids quite as much, a change in attire, and – no small feat – finding a way to feed myself lunch every day away from home.

Some days I’ve got my act together and bring something tasty and healthy from my own kitchen. But a lot of days, I have to locate lunch elsewhere. Finding something to eat in the finance district of Toronto is not hard with its mazes of food courts and restaurants, but finding something unique, delicious, and affordable¬†can be.

Enter Pai Northern Thai Kitchen. Conveniently located in the heart of the district on Duncan Street, this culinary gem gives diners the chance to enjoy a traditional lunch experience inspired by the retail market stalls of Thailand by serving daily prepared street market dishes to pick and choose from.

Pai Market - Produce 01

Pai strives to offer the most authentic experience by using freshly imported products from Thailand, and it shows. Seeing an array of these products, I couldn’t help be reminded of the vitality and variety of the Malaysian outdoor night markets I had recently visited. I knew I was in good hands!

Pai Market - Guay Jap

Pai Market - Yum Moo Yoe

Pai Market - Northern platter 02

These hands, as it turns out, belong primarily to Chef Nuit Regular, and her husband Jeff, who have enjoyed great and well-earned success as the inspiration behind Pai. They are warm and down-to-earth, which seems directly reflected in their restaurant’s atmosphere. I also don’t mind telling you that one of the staff there said they were the best employers ever.

Nuit and Jeff _Market

So for just a couple of bucks more than you’d shell out at the food court, you get an authentic taste of Thai street markets in a delicious lunch that’s fast, fresh, and fun. Check it out at Pai!

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