Plenty of Books for Kids February 2017

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The winter has officially set in, and while the days are longer and spring is on the horizon, cabin fever is likely taking its toll. If the book bin is feeling same-old, same-old or the bedtime story game a bit repetitive, here are a few suggestions to spruce things up.

I’ll Hug You More by Laura Duksta, illustrated by Melissa Iwai

A book devoted to hugs, and who doesn’t love hugs; especially from their little one? The best thing about this book is that it’s a flip-sided book, so half way flip the book and you’ve got another story! Melissa Iwai’s illustrations are colourful, playful and simply heart-warming.

Leonard’s Beard by Nancy Cote

Nancy Cote’s story about Leonard and his beard is fun! Leonard has become so distracted by his writing that he has ignored everyone and everything in his life including when to shave! His beard has become a catch-all for everything – pretty much the kitchen sink – and what he finds hiding in his hair will have little ones in fits of giggles. It’s one of those stories that your children will ask you to read over and over.

My Pancakes Taste Different Today! by Heather Wood Galpert and Bruce Galpert, illustrated by Barbara Cate

When Ethan sat down to eat his pancakes in the morning, he exclaimed that they were the best in the Whole Wide World! His mother suggested that he should thank the Whole Wide World for getting them onto this plate. And so begins the story of how interconnected and dependent we are on our environment to provide us with the food that we eat. A portion of the profits of this book go to kids’ and environmental organizations. An interactive website accompanies this book that includes a recipe for Ooze-free pancakes.

The Golden Girls of Rio by Nikkolas Smith

There is so much that I love about this book celebrating female athletes and the years of hard work and dedication it took for them to realize their Olympic dreams. It’s rare that a book focuses on women in sports, especially a book written by a man. Thank you Nikkolas Smith for inspiring young female athletes by writing this book and showing them their role models on these pages. A must-have for any library.

Your Alien Returns by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Goro Fujita

In the feel-good sequel to Your Alien, it’s the little boy’s turn to go on a playdate to his friend the alien’s house . . .on his home planet! Needless to say there are some extraordinary contrasts between life on this foreign planet and Earth but a thoughtful friend showing a bit of empathy can make a world of difference in one feeling safe, comforted and cared for. I can’t but think we can all benefit from this message.

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