March Celebrates #thefutureisfemale

women-697928_1280With mostly sons between us (of 9 children, 8 sons!), it kind of goes without saying that at Plenty we love our boys. But the thing is, we also really love girls, and not just the one force-of-nature daughter among the kids. We thinks girls and women rock, and love uncovering stories of all the fabulous adventures we are all up to. #thefutureisfemale has never felt more true.

We know our timing is different in Canada, but we can’t help but notice that March is Women’s History Month in the U.S., and everywhere we turn, we can’t help happily bumping into historic achievements of women. We’re also bumping less happily against obstacles new and old, spurred on by recent events south of the border, and protested so vigorously by women everywhere (including by yours truly). With all this female action, Plenty is throwing its hat in the ring to highlight just a few of the cool things that women are up to in our neck of the woods.

It’s giving Plenty an excuse to feature some amazing female artists, including filmmakers, musicians, and authors. Female entrepreneurs make an appearance, naturally. We’re looking at family life, and the way women are defining motherhood for themselves and redefining the traditional views of the family. We’re also going to talk the workplace, and how women can be empowered to be a force for social change in their places of employment.

#thefutureisfemale, it’s unstoppable, and we want to jump on for the ride. Join us!

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