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At Plenty, you know we love reading and recommending books for kids, but we also keep our eyes peeled for great children’s music too. Today we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite selections by women musicians that will keep your littles singing, dancing, and hopefully making music of their own! These albums are great for kids 1-7 years old (although this 40-something definitely finds herself humming along).

Wonderful You cover art_high res_ CMYK

We find ourselves often reaching for Vanessa Trien’s Wonderful YOU, winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver Award. I like the acoustic folk-pop flavour of the album, and the kids like its catchy tunes and rhythms. The songs celebrate community, and the many ways in which neighbourhoods, families and friends come together. Vanessa also has a master’s degree in education from Harvard so we can assume she knows a thing or two about children, but mostly I know she does because her music makes the kids stop, listen, and sing along.

SaraLovell_You've Got Me_Cover_high_res

Sara Lovell describes her recent album You’ve Got Me as a love letter to her son, and to other parents and children. This is her first album for families, who are invited into a magical world that includes alligator puppies and runaway socks. You’ve Got Me follows a day in the life of a child, starting with an upbeat wake-up ditty, and ending with a lullaby as night falls. My kids love the whimsy of this album, which also offers for them an early introduction to different genres of music

Laurie Berkner_Superhero_Cover_ CMYK

Laurie Berkner, who recently released Superherohas been called “the queen of children’s music” by People and “a kind of sippy-cup Sheryl Crow” by Time Magazine. As a former preschool music teacher, writing children’s music was an easy extension of her musical career and “opened up creativity in me that I never knew I had.”  Superhero may well open up your kids to undiscovered musical and even personal discoveries themselves. The album is called Superhero because it’s “about self-empowerment — being our best selves and discovering the superhero in all of us,” Laurie says.

And we must remind you of the fabulous children’s music in Jennifer Paskow’s Make a Circle and Jennifer Gasoi’s Blue and Red Make Purple.

Thank goodness for women in music!

And happy International Women’s Day!!

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  1. Can you recommend books to be read to preemie babies? I am about to become a grandma to twins … a boy and a girl! I would like to read to them while they are in the incubators. I appreciate the help. Thank you

    1. That’s a really great question, Cathy. I think the most important thing is that they are books that you will enjoy reading and hearing yourself read. You can’t go wrong with a good collection of nursery rhymes, and reading them aloud will help you remember them! It could even be the newspaper or the novel you have on the go. All that matters is that the babies hear a soft voice. For a great book on recommended reads for all ages, have a look at Anita Sylvie’s 100 Best Books for Children.

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