Happy Earth Day! With Advice from David Suzuki On Protecting Our Environment


Earth Day is coming on Saturday April 22 – are you ready?

Plenty had a headstart to thinking about our precious planetary resources last month when we celebrated World Water Day at the official launch in Canada of water filtration leader PUR, along with honoured guest speaker David Suzuki.

We all have a collective responsibility to protect the earth, air, and water, and PUR told us of its participation in relief efforts in Flint, Michigan after its water supply was severely contaminated. PUR has also partnered with Terracycle to create a free program that rewards consumers for recycling PUR products with points that can to be donated to any school or charity in Canada.

PUR then outdid itself by hosting powerhouse speaker and environmental David Suzuki. At 81, Dr. Suzuki took easy command of the room with characteristic passion that, if anything, has only heightened with time.

His talk about water was predictably captivating and revolved around a simple concept: We are water. He explains: we crawled out of the water, start our lives in a swimming race as sperm speed up the reproductive tract, spend our first nine months in a watery womb, and after birth, depend on water entirely during our first several months of life, and then depend on water essentially for the rest of our lives.  “We’re basically a big blob of water with enough organic thickener added so we don’t dribble away on the floor,” says Dr. Suzuki.

In spite of the laughs, the talk was not light. To be totally honest, I was shaken for days afterward.  During his talk David Suzuki revealed that after hearing a particularly bleak forecast of our future, he took to his bed for several days. There was some odd comfort in learning that even an environmental champion like Dr. Suzuki had once given in to despondency.

But of course there is much more comfort in the fact that he got up, which is what all of us need to do. We are all entirely dependent on clean water, air, food and sunlight. And here we land in less than a week at Earth Day, with direct advice from David Suzuki on what to do:

  1. Engage Politically – Ensure that environmental protection and stewardship is on every agenda, and prevent corporate interests from overwhelming the political sphere, as has happened in the United States with the election of Trump.
  2. Engage Locally –  Do something that helps the environment. Join one of the 1000s of community groups and NGO’s that are taking action, because collectively they are having a massive impact.

Every small and large act is connected to something bigger. We’re all in it together.

Happy Earth Day!

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