How To Update Your Wardrobe (even if you hate shopping!)

Better Styled Erin Nadler

Years ago I heard Carlyle of Good for Her give a talk to a room full of new mums. The focus of her talk was about finding the time and desire for sex after having a baby. The consensus in the room was that very few were feeling particularly attractive with swollen breasts, sagging bellies and extra pounds- all a by-product of pregnancy. Carlyle was quick to assuage those feelings by sharing that her years as a sex educator have taught her that confidence far outweighs “perfection” when it comes to what is desired in a partner. She was speaking to a room full of heterosexual women when she said that the post pregnancy body isn’t a turn-off, but the constant obsessing about it and self-deprecation is.

This is where Erin Nadler can help. Erin started Better Styled to service women who don’t have time for shopping, don’t like shopping or find themselves in transition (preparing to return to the workforce after a hiatus or dressing a new body after a weight loss). Whatever brings you into see Erin; it’s a guarantee you will leave more confident.

Erin graciously welcomed me into the Better Styled boutique where I couldn’t help but feel like I was in a private atelier in Paris. The white walls, the antique sewing machine, the beautiful adornments – so lovely and reflective Erin’s inviting personality. We settled into one of the spacious dressing rooms to talk about how Better Styled, appointment only shopping, came to be. After completing a degree in business Erin identified that the traditional shopping experience of going to a mall was geared mainly to the junior market. Stores appealing to the non-junior market are considerably more expensive (think Holts and Nordstrom) or are stand-alone boutiques that require significant travel time and being “in-the-know”. Erin also knew there was a market for stylists to service women juggling full-time careers/busy home lives and those who just don’t enjoy shopping. Marrying these two concepts together, Better Styled was born. Erin researches new lines (many are Canadian), and searches for unique pieces at affordable price points. She books appointments and when clients come to see her, she listens. She listens to what their lifestyle is – where do they work, what do they like to do on the weekend, do they have young children, do they go out for dinners at trendy restaurants or spend time at their cottage? All of these factors determine the wardrobe that Erin helps her clients to build over time.

Better Styled Erin Nadler

I spend an hour with Erin talking about trends and designers. Her enthusiasm never wanes as she talks about dressing women of all ages for every day living.

“I love how you have something for every age. Really, every age – women in their 60s, 70s and beyond. It’s a shame because as we talk, the more I realize that the options for these women are quite limited. If you’re stylish, if you want to keep up with the trends and still want to feel confident, there isn’t much for you. It’s sad actually.” I say this to Erin as talk about how the baby boomers are a unique cohort of women. Erin agrees and says that she has seen her business shift and more and more women into their 70s want to be fashionable and pulled together. Whether it’s for vacations or seasonal updates, these women want to be included in fashion’s changing tides too.

“Women want to feel good. Regardless of their age!” Erin says this as we turn back to the racks of spring dresses and pink jackets.

Better Styled Erin Nadler

Erin’s Tips:

Women’s dressing is more feminine, even the traditional suit has a softer feel with more delicate details and/or skirts.

Know what is in your closet – take stock seasonally!  This will help you from purchasing pieces that you may already own.

Invest in wardrobe staples like dark denim jeans, solid blazers and basic tees and tanks.

Trendy pieces are fun as an add on but don’t blow your budget here.  Add tops and accessories in each season’s trends and this will insure your staples stay looking up to date

Bodies change over time, so make sure you continuously try things on and get rid of what doesn’t work any more.

Style should be fun so make sure you purchase pieces that make you happy and feel your best!

An Appointment at Better Styled

Your first appointment at Better Styled will take approximately 2 hours. This will include a full consultation. Erin may ask you to bring your favourite pieces from home and will start a file on your wardrobe so going forward she will know what your needs are. Be prepared to share your budget and don’t be shy. Erin is open to working with any budget. There is no fee for Erin’s time. Clients are charged for the clothing. All tips (like what shoes go with this?) and styling suggestions are free! Sizes range from 2-18.

Additional Services Provided by Better Styled

  • Detailed packing lists for your next trip
  • Closet clean out
  • Home visits
  • Personal shopping outside of Better Styled

To book an appointment with Erin visit Better Styled or call 416-485-5100 ext. 225

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