5 Sexy and Sustainable Must-Try Date Night Ideas

Whether you are blossoming into young love or are into a more seasoned relationship with kids in or out of the house, date night is a critical component part of a couple connection. With the recent Green Living Show reminding us to incorporate green into every aspect of our lives, romance is more than fair game! Here are some great ideas to planning a sexy and sustainable date night.

Sexy Sustainable Date Night

1.  Make Art While Making Love: Love Is Art offers everything a couple needs to craft a one-of-a-kind abstract painting during intimacy. The kit includes a specially-treated cotton canvas, all natural, non-toxic paint, a painters tarp, slippers, and a body scrubber. Its creator states: “Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open heart… so does Love. Love is Art.”  Who can argue?

Sexy Sustainable Date Night

2. Enjoy an Edible Workshop: Sharing a new learning experience can add new spark to date night!  If the way to your lover’s heart is through their tummy, try one of Le Dolci‘s amazing baking workshops (we loved cinnamon buns) or one of the chocolate-making workshops (mmm, truffle-making) at Chocolate Tales. You’ll have an experience to remember and take away only delectable consumables to enjoy once home.

Sexy Sustainable Date Night

3. Stay In: Pamper your partner with a deep, sensual, full body aromatherapy massage using essential oil blends from Now‘s wide range of affordable, premium quality oils. Massage = great date. Obvs.

Sexy Sustainable Date Night

4. Plant a Garden:  Quality time with your partner in the garden, and watching your planting efforts grow into luscious green bounty, is so satisfying. Urban Harvest can help with a wide range of 100% organic seeds that promotes ecological diversity. Gardening is a potent antidote to the fast pace that dominates most of our lives, and no one needs to tell you that slowing down does wonders for love.

Sexy Sustainable Eco Date Night

5. Indulge in the Ultimate Date at Ste. Anne’s Spa: We already told you how much we love this spa as a getaway with friends, and we know it would be just as fantastic with our lovers. Enjoy a day spa or rewind even more with a romantic overnight retreat. You’ll be rewarded with old world charm, delicious locally-sourced dining, and spa services with skin care products made from 100% pure botanical ingredients, some of which are grown right on the grounds.

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