May is Activism Month

Inspired by The Women’s March, The March for Science, The March for Climate Change, by #thefutureisfemale and by the countless passionate activists in our lives and in the news, the team at Plenty is looking at activism this month.


We have an interview with Aamar Khwaja, the founder of ModGarden, a modular micro farm for growing organic produce in your home, no matter how small, who will tell us about his journey from Wall Street to wall gardens.

Also along the lines of food and activism, we have a post about Roots to Harvest, an organization that offers employment and experiential education opportunities to young people in the food system as growers, market gardeners and lifelong learners.

And moving from the kitchen to the closet, we have an interview with Kelly Drennan of Fashion Takes Action on how to be more eco-conscious with our clothing in this era of fast and disposable fashion.

We have an interview with Liz Phipps, an advocate for the rights of people with autism.   And we will be looking at the issue of vaccinations and at how the anti-vaccination movement has spurred a counter-movement of activists fighting to keep the public well-informed about the necessity of vaccinations.

We also have a treasure trove of ideas for Mother’s Day, so many in fact, that we’ve got two days’ worth of posts full of gift ideas to share with you this week.  At the end of the month, we will be sharing the best of our recent reads in our Plenty of Books round-up.

So stay tuned for inspiration for reading, gifting and getting your voice heard!

For plenty more on activism, check out these stories from our archives:

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