July Is For Getting Outside!

This month, we are all about the great outdoors!  July is for getting outside, and we have a great line up to embrace and celebrate the great outdoors, from cottages to farms to urban gardens.

Cindy McKay is returning as our guest to tell us how she brightened and lightened a family cottage without losing any of its charm and history.  Flower crowns began to pepper the pages of fashion magazines and social media feeds this spring, and we have a tutorial on how to make them.  Carol will be interviewing Maria Solokofski, who has built over 50 teaching gardens in Toronto.  From flora to fauna, Carol will also be telling us about the Wishing Well Animal Sanctuary.  While you are out and about, you will need hearty, healthy, portable snacks, and we’ve got some great kid-friendly recipes from Devin Connell and Nosh & Co.  And when you’re home, keep the food super simple with our easy, easy guide to outdoor entertaining.  We also have a line-up of skincare products for summer that we’ve been trying out.  Finally, Beth-Anne will be sharing her journey of tattoo removal, and she will begin a three-part series on erasing a regrettable decision from her past.

With any luck, you are reading this with your feet up, outside and basking in the start of summer.  Long may it last!


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