How To Make: DIY Flower Crowns

flower crowns, pickontario

Flower crowns began to pepper the pages of fashion magazines and my social media this spring. They were resting on the heads of the boho chic, celebs at Coachella and even the queen B of all, Beyonce. As much as I longingly look at the delicate floral crowns that evoke goddess vibes, I am hesitant to think that I could pull off this real-life Snapchat filter look.

“A flower crown is what’s ‘in’ right now,” says Jesseline Gough, Marketing Coordinator at pickOntario. “Weddings, pride parades, maternity shoots, lunch with the gals, festivals – you can quite literally make a statement anywhere you go.”

flower crowns, pickOntario

pickOntario is an initiative developed by Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc. to raise awareness, interest and demand for Ontario-grown cut flowers and potted plants. When you pick Ontario, you are supporting the more than 200 greenhouse farmers who employ approximately 9,000 people in our province. The growers in Ontario work hard to produce quality flowers and use the latest trends in technology and growing techniques to ensure their products are delivered fresh to local retail establishments, daily.

pickOntario’s website is a gem of a resource.  With everything from helpful tutorials (like this one below) to offering tips on how to create flowering gardens by season and finding local florists, the site appeals to both the expert gardener, those just learning the difference between perennials and annuals and the non-gardener in the market to buy pre-cut, already bundled, ready-to-present arrangements.

flower crowns, pick Ontario


What you’ll need: 

  • Ontario grown ivy
  • Florist wire
  • Scissors
  • Ontario grown bouquet, potted plants, flowers, bedding plants

Step 1: Have about 2 feet of Ontario grown ivy ready

Step 2: Level 1 inch of stem

Step 3: Wrap the wire around the top of the branch to secure it

Step 4: Wrap the wire around the flower stem several times

Step 5: Repeat wrapping with the remaining flowers

Step 6: Wrap in the same direction working down the branch and continue adding until you see the look you want

Step 6: Bring the ends together and wrap firmly

Step 7: Now, wear your crown like the queen you are!

Step 8: Snap some selfies, and share with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #pickOntario

If you don’t see yourself donning a wreath of blooms, consider your little ones. At the very least, making flower crowns with them could lead to hours of imaginative play in make believe worlds.

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