10 Spectacular Glamping Experiences in Canada You Cannot Miss! Guest Post by Paul Turner from TakeOutdoors

You work for months without a break. Long hours, rush hour traffic, and a workload that overwhelms all lead to a negative work-life balance. Many are venturing out into the wilderness to camp and hike.

Glamping is growing in popularity throughout Canada–combining the experience of staying in a luxury hotel with the aspect of being outdoors. Here are 10 Spectacular Glamping Experiences in Canada.

Photo Courtesy of Ridgeback Lodge

Ridgeback Lodge, New Brunswick

Best for: For couples and solo travelers who are looking to spend some time outdoors with the convenience of amenities. A great weekend getaway.

Features: The geodesic domes available at Ridgeback Lodge bring glamping that is comfortable and practical. A romantic getaway, this resort strictly caters to adults only. Amidst the natural beauty of Kingston Peninsula, glampers will be treated to cozy accommodations like private hot tubs, rustic fireplaces and sweeping views of the night sky through the dome roof.

Things to do: Moss Glen Falls, Dunham’s Run Estate Winery, hiking, cross country skiing, kayaking, and ATV/Snowmobiling.

Photo Courtesy of Parks Canada

Parks Canada’s Cocoon Tree Bed, Nova Scotia

Best for: Families, couples, and solo travelers who want a convenient and easy going camping experience.

Features: When you have the opportunity to experience something special, it should not be overlooked. This bizarrely unique glamping accommodation allows you to swing from magical cocoons hanging among the trees. The Cocoon Tree Beds offer guest a gentle sway through the night. These bubble shaped canvas tents are assembled with steel frames and hang 20 feet above the ground. With only enough room in the cocoon for a mattress, you’ll have more time to enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings.

Things to do: Cabot Trail, Alexander Graham Bell Historic Site, Highland Village, and Louisbourg Lighthouse.

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Photo Courtesy of Head-Line Mountain Holidays

Head-Line Mountain Holidays, Whistler

Best for: Couples looking to indulge in the finest outdoor accommodations and unique glamping experiences.

Features: Transform into an ice king or queen in this truly unique glamping adventure. Embark on a private helicopter ride to the Pemberton Ice Cap where you’ll meet up with a snowmobile to escort you to the “Ice Hotel”. This private enclave features accommodation provided by the Four Seasons. Elegant meals, luxurious linens, and warmth that simply never has been felt in such a pristine ice cave. If you’re looking to enhance the experience of the Ice Age you can add on guided glacier walks and fireside storytelling from indigenous people. This is the ultimate trip.

Things to do: Peak 2 Peak Gondola Ride, Off Road Tours, hiking, helicopter tours, mountain biking, or ride a zip line.

Courtesy of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, British Columbia

Best for: Active families, couples, and solo travelers looking for tranquil outdoor relaxation mixed with rugged adventure.

Features: The luxury tented safari you’ve dreamed of is not in the heart of the Serengeti–it’s in Tofino. This glamping resort offers unique adventures from fishing to environmental stewardship, and horseback riding to aerial adventures–they truly offer excitement and tranquility of the outdoors. The accommodations won’t feel like camping at all–antique furnishings, beautifully carved details, private spa-like bathrooms, and remote controlled fireplaces are just of few of the luxuries to mention.

Things to do: Spa, wildlife observation, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, scenic flights, and fishing.

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Photo Courtesy of Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, British Columbia

Best for: Romantic couples interested in an outdoor treat with spa services.

Features: This glamping resort is prepared to offer guests tranquil and exclusive experiences. Each tenting suite is a private sanctuary. Built to accommodate guests looking for a spa and camping atmosphere, guests can relax in hydro-therapy tubs, take in the warmth of heated slate flooring and the fireplace, or step out onto the private veranda for stargazing. This is an adult camping experience like no other.

Things to do: Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park, Powell River, Burnett Falls, Smuggler Cove Marine Park, or visit downtown Vancouver in two hours’ travel time.

Photo Courtesy of Glamping Hub

Solar-Powered Tree House, Ontario

Best for: Couples and families with small children who are looking for private glamping with a close proximity to a variety of attractions in Ontario.

Features: There is something alluring about living among the treetops. This private tree house is completely off the grid, but the accommodations keep you comfortable and none the wiser. This solar powered cabin offers a fully stocked kitchen, composting toilet inside the cabin, and a solar-heated outdoor shower. Live in the trees while swinging from a comfortable hammock or head outside and hit the hiking trails. This is a solo unit so glampers will experience privacy, but the nearby homeowner’s WiFi access comes in strong–keeping you connected outdoors.

Things to do: Toronto Islands, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, and much more.

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Photo Courtesy of Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia

Best for: Couples and solo travelers looking for a quirky and unique glamping experience.

Features: This glamping experience is a must. Free Spirit Spheres brings accommodations that will surprise even the most seasoned travelers. Take in the feel of living in an orb–magical and intriguing, glampers can climb into floating spheres tucked in the forest. The details will mesmerize you and you may even be delighted by a visit from the skilled craftsman who designed these unique bungalows. Individual bathhouses with composting toilets are available to each unit and the complimentary basket of local and homemade goodies for you to indulge is simply over the top.

Things to do: Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park, Heritage Forest, Cameron Lake, and Qualicum Trading Post

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Photo Courtesy of Glamping Hub

White Pine Ancient Forest, Ontario

Best for: Couples and solo travelers looking for rustic outdoor charm and relaxation with close proximity to Ontario.

Features: Beautifully handcrafted tents in an ancient forest invite you to the charm of the woods at this glamping campground. With four tents available, be sure to plan your booking in advance. Guests will enjoy the natural interior built on wooden platforms and tastefully decorated with natural linens and materials. The Egyptian cotton bedding is a true luxury atop a plush queen-sized bed. Lounge away in a complimentary bathrobe and stay warm next to the wood-burning stove. The oil and candle lamps add to the ambiance making you feel like camping royalty.

Things to do: Toronto Islands, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, and much more.

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Photo Courtesy of Kayaking Tours

Whale Watching Adventures, British Columbia

Best for: Adventurous couples and solo travelers.

Features: Glamping mixed with the thrill of whale watching awaits in Blackfish Sound. The tents are spacious and the 5-star accommodations mean you’ll be relaxing in comfort. Equipped with two twin beds constructed of locally sourced lumber–the handmade details are an elegant touch to the overall atmosphere. The foam mattress, clean linens, and the soft duvet are sure to keep you warm and snuggly all through the night. The canvas tents feature screened windows and doors that really allow for an indoor/outdoor camping feel. Immersed in nature, you can step out of the door into sweeping views of forest and ocean. Enjoy the beauty and explore the heart of orca and humpback territory in a unique glamping experience.

Things to do: Whale watching, kayaking, fishing, and close proximity to Vancouver attractions.

Photo Courtesy of AirBnB Canada

Private Island Retreat, Ontario

Best for: Couples and families who need more space to spread out in a private retreat.

Features: Private is the only word you need to hear about this stunning glamping retreat, but alas the details will solidify this location as a true glamping experience. Tucked away on over 1 acre of private land sits a 1,200 square foot cottage.

Stocked with everything you need and equipped with a private kitchen, two bedrooms, and space to entertain a crowd–you need not a thing more at this glamping retreat. The rental even includes the use of a 14-foot aluminum motorboat. Take in the sunrise and sunset with spectacular views, fish from the dock, or relax in the sunroom–this glamp camp will not disappoint.

Things to do: Toronto Islands, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, and much more.

The ability to be out in nature without the hassle of lugging around gear and food are the draws of today’s glamping experiences. Nature is the ultimate rejuvenation tool when feeling stressed or burnt out.

Glamping in Canada provides a worry-free, packaged vacation that will leave you stress-free and relaxed the second you arrive. Isn’t it time for your next vacation?

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  1. I think BC is my favorite destination from the bunch (and Vancouver is an awesome city!). There are great places to launch a kayak and go explore amazing scenery. Oh, and the fishing ain’t too bad either!

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