Summer Skincare and Haircare Roundup

We love the perks at Plenty, one of which is to be on the receiving end of samples of all manner of wonderful things.  Here is a round up of some of our favourite summer skincare and haircare finds.

Live Clean Face Sunscreen SPF 45

The struggle to find sunscreen in my family is perpetual.  My three kids are each allergic/sensitive to/dislike different brands.  We have several bottles and tubes on the go at once, and I can never keep them straight.  This one works for all of us.  Praise be.

What it does: It’s a non-whitening mineral sunscreen (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide)  that is non-nano (no particles are small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream).

Why we like it:  It offers a high SPF without feeling heavy or making you look like a ghost.

Where to get it:  Live Clean is available at drug stores, grocery stores, mass retailers and online.

Live Clean Aloe Vera Gel

In spite of our best efforts, sunburns sometimes happen.  When they do, aloe is the best of the remedies.

What it does:  Soothes and cools the skin.

Why we like it:  It goes on easily and does not leave the skin feeling sticky.

Where to get it:  Live Clean is available at drug stores, grocery stores, mass retailers and online.

Schaf Purifying Scrub


I crave a good scrub in the summer to take off the sunscreen and to get down to the soft bright skin under the layers of goop, and getting past the layers of goop is what this line offers.  There is no silly pseudoscience with this brand.  I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Schafrick at a recent PR event, and it was such a joy to speak to someone so knowledgeable and passionate about his field.   I so admire the company’s commitment to keeping their products as simple and clean as possible (no fragrance or artificial irritants).

What it does: white lava particles and ground bamboo beads polish away dead skin cells, dirt and debris.

Why we like it: It’s made in Canada, 100% natural, cruelty-free, suitable for vegans, suitable for men and for women.  Aside from its efficacy, that’s my favourite part: the clean, no-fuss, gender-neutral packaging.

Where to buy it: Online at Schaf and here.

Old Orchard No. 1 Beauty Oil

Not just for my parched skin in winter, beauty oil has become part of my daily, year-round skincare routine.  I love the scented ritual of it.

What it does:  This multi-purpose face oil designed for all skin types helps to hydrate, heal, and reduce the signs of aging by promoting cellular regeneration and improving elasticity.  It’s made with meadowfoam seed oil, watermelon seed oil, carrot seed oil, borage oil, rosehip seed oil, immortelle oil, jasmine oil and sweet orange and tangerine oil.

Why we like it:  It has eleventy million flowers and plants in it.  It smells divine.  It smells like summer.

Where to get it: Online at Old Orchard.


Redken No Blow Dry

What it does:  This styling product makes for a faster air-dry right out of the shower, offering control with a no-product feel.  There are three products for fine, medium and coarse hair.

Why we like it:  It’s quick, light, and effortless.  Who wants to use a hair dryer in summer?!  I have been using it all spring and summer, and I love that I can just wash, apply and go.

Where to get it:  Find a salon at Redken.


Lotus Aroma True Lavender Care and Protection Kit

Lavender care and protection?  Care and protection from what?  From lice, that’s what.  Lice don’t like lavender, so one natural and effective way to repel them and to prevent your child coming home from camp with unwanted guests is to spritz the hair with lavender water and apply a dab of lavender oil behind the ears and at the nape of the neck.

What it does:  It repels lice naturally and safely.  Before leaving for school, daycare or summer camp, spray True Lavender Floral Water on the scalp, and rub it in. Spread it through the hair, on the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Also spray it on beds, soft toys and clothing.

Why we like it:  It’s all-natural and smells nice to boot.

Where to get it:  Find out here.


Plenty received samples of these products.  The opinions are our own.

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