August Is For Travel!

travelWhen you think of summer, do you instinctively think of travel? Since we have so few summer months, there’s a certain pressure to make them count – as time together, time outside, time away from school, and just plain time off. Often what makes a summer feel well spent is doing things that differ from the rest of the year, and a surefire way to achieve this is making travel plans.

These can be huge, like we’ll hear from our upcoming interview with Yashy Murphy of Baby and Life who is currently on a 148 day trip with her husband and two kids! Or they can be more modest but still be high impact on fun, like checking out the new local Wet ‘N Wild Waterpark, which we’ll be telling you about too.

We’ll also offer tips on the tools that make travelling more sane (spoiler: a good travel stroller is a beautiful thing), and we’ll highlight some fabulous reads, also a necessity for many travelers, in our next Plenty of Books round-up. We’re also excited that Beth-Anne will be sharing Part 2 of her story of removing “a discreet tattoo that I hastily had inked on my right hip just before my 19th┬ábirthday”. There’s this and lots more lined up this month!

And in honour of summer’s last hurrah, we at Plenty will take a brief vacation for the last week or two of August, but we’ll still be able to offer great travel reads during that time from our deep archives of 7 (7!!) years.

We hope you are having a wonderful summer, here and away and everywhere! Happy August!!

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