September: Money Matters

We are devoting this month to discussing money matters: making it, saving it, spending it.

If food waste is one of your pet peeves, stay tuned for an interview with the founders of LOOP, which diverts imperfect fruit and vegetable waste destined for the garbage and makes perfectly healthy and tasty cold-pressed juices.  “Nine to five” and “freedom 55” come in for questioning this month: we will look at one author’s take on the end of retirement, and we will be interviewing people who rock the side hustle, turning hobbies, interests and passions into paying additional part-time income.  Shelly Rolland-Poruks will fill us in on exploring our nation’s capital on a budget.  We have two takes on family finances: financial harmony for couples, and teaching kids about money with The Opposite of Spoiled.  We will also have Plenty of Books for Kids, our round-up of kids’ books.  There is plenty of reading value coming your way in September!


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