Refreshing Your Look For Fall Without Breaking The Bank with Erin Nadler

Fall is when the air turns crisp and fashion shifts from the light, breezy fabrics of summer to tweed, denim, velvet (having a major moment) and brocade. The patterns turn from floral to plaids and the bright hues fade to colours that evoke the changing of the leaves. Updating your wardrobe for fall can put a strain on your wallet, so we’ve asked Erin Nadler of Better Styled for 5 ways you can refresh your look for the season without spending a fortune.

1) Shop your closet – chances are you have items in your closet that probably haven’t been worn in quite a while.  Check to make sure they are on-trend and still fit.  Consider reworking those pieces.  At them to your favourite wardrobe staples or mix and match them with your other trendier items.

2) Shop second hand – with so many designer resale boutiques around and lots of really good ones – why not hunt for the perfect piece and receive an amazing discount.

3) Avoid impulse shopping  – so many times we are in a pinch and pick something up last minute and it kind of fits and kind of works or we see a great sale item and have to have it.  These items tend to serve one purpose and sit in the closet unused.  Save your money and only purchase items that can mix and match with what you currently own.

4) Create a wish list – to better help you avoid impulse shopping if you create a list of items that are missing from your closet when you do go out shopping this will help you focus in on exactly what you need.

5) Select items of quality – stop wasting money of fast fashion.  Make sure your core classic pieces are of top quality so you only buy them once.  Take care of them and they will pay you back in spades.  Add inexpensive trendier pieces or change out the tops seasonally to keep your look current.


Erin Nadler is the third generation in a women’s apparel manufacturing family, Erin learned about matters like fabric, fit and finishings as a little girl, around the family dinner table. Recognizing her keen interest in fashion, her father encouraged her to visit the family business often. The Women’s Post named Erin a Woman to Watch, and she has been featured in numerous publications and on many popular television shows. Strongly committed to helping women, Erin supports Dress for Success (a non-profit agency that helps women re-enter the work force), Sheena’s Place (which aids women battling eating disorders) and breast cancer research.

Contact Erin at / 416.485.5100 x.225

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