October Is All About Things That Scare Me

We are taking our cue from the Halloween theme this month, and devoting our discussions this month to “things that scare me.”

Fright for entertainment’s sake is Halloween’s stock in trade, and we’ve got some great reviews of entertaining scares.  Nathalie will report on the new show at the Art Gallery of Ontario: Guillermo del Toro’s At Home with Monsters.

Nathalie will also be reviewing a documentary by Alexandre O Philippe 78/52, a 90-minute film about the iconic shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  It opens at Tiff Bell Lightbox on October 13.

Turning to more serious sources of fear, we will have a guest posts from Kristine Peacock on life as a young widow and from Lisa Peacock on when early onset Alzheimer’s hits.  We will also have tips on how to help your kids through stressful situations.

Carol will be reporting back from the Fall Fit Women’s Weekend at Camp Wanakita, and Beth-Anne has the third in her series on her tattoo removal.  Stay tuned for chills and thrills, for help in difficult times, and for our usual dose of intelligent substance with a side of fluff.




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