The Story of My Tattoo Removal: Part 3

About 8 weeks ago I walked into the The Plastic Surgery Clinic to start the process of removing a tattoo that I (regrettably) inked on my right hip almost 20 years ago. It was a decision that I came to over time and you can read about it and my first PicoWay laser treatment here and here.

In the days following the treatment the pain was no more than a mild sunburn and the raised scab sloughed off, the redness quickly faded. Within a week the ink was visibly lighter, and every day thereafter for the next 5 weeks, like magic, the ink would continue to fade. Each morning, I would peel back the layer of my clothes and to my amazement see less and less black lines.

I was advised that it takes approximately 6 weeks for the optimal benefits of the laser, and the skeptic in me was silenced after that initial round, and the patience in me are being tested now as I play the waiting game in the midst of my second round of treatment.

Arriving for my second treatment, I felt like a seasoned pro. No anxiety this time around. I was so comfortable, in fact, that I let a friend come along. She’s been following my progress with equal amazement and wanted to see first hand the clinic and the process. The warm and friendly staff juxtaposes the clinic, while obviously a clean and sterile environment. Once there, the professional staff and expertly trained technicians, all of who took time to answer questions and comment on concerns, quelled many of her same fears that I once had. In the absence of nerves, I notice more of the surroundings this time, in particular the other patients sitting in the waiting room do not play into the stereotypes of plastic-y women with fish lips and over-stretched skin. Rather, they look just like me; albeit maybe a bit fresher, thumbing through magazines and sampling the skin cream. My friend comments that she feels comfortable here too, more so than she was expecting.

When it’s my turn, I lay on the table and readily accept the freezing before Dorota turns on the laser. A few minutes later, she is expertly dressing the area, and I notice the bandage is smaller than 6 weeks ago. Dorota tells me that there was some skin that didn’t require any “zapping”!

I have meticulously followed the aftercare directions and continue to be amazed by the progress of the removal. Stay tuned for the next (and maybe final?) treatment!


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Thank you to The Plastic Surgery Clinic for the opportunity to have my tattoo removed at your clinic under the care of your skilled technicians. Please note that all opinions expressed are my own.

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