Women Empowering Women Through Writing: Guest Post from Kate Harveston

It is a particularly tough time to stay positive about gender relations.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t see the fact that there is an uptick in sexual predators being called out for their crimes as a cause for celebration.  Yet.  One managed to get elected to the Oval Office, and so many famous men have avoided punishment that I despair of justice ever being served.  Luckily, there is a cure for despair, and it’s the voices of other strong women.

Today we welcome Kate Harveston, political writer and blogger, who has a roundup of some of the best Canadian feminist blogs by women writers.

Feminist Current

The number one feminist site in Canada, Feminist Current is run by founder and Editor Megan Murphy. The website provides news, commentary and interviews. It also offers insight into current political activity and humor, aka “feminist therapy.”

Guts Magazine

Guts Magazine features sections on politics, culture, life and the arts. They also feature a weekly Sunday roundup of feminist links. Articles vary from serious in tone to more whimsical human interest pieces.

Feminist Wednesday

Founded by Erin Bagwell, Feminist Wednesday aims to empower women with encouraging articles and information. The site hosts writing from entrepreneurial women in business, covering diverse topics from consent to children’s rights. Readers are encouraged to share their own stories with members.

Gender Focus

Gender Focus, founded by Jarrah Hodge, offers readers the opportunity to share their stories with a wide audience. The site features Feminist Facts, as well as stories and articles submitted by outside contributors.  The site is no longer being updated, but its archives are still available.

The Closet Feminist

A Canadian blog that explores the intersection of fashion and feminist values, The Closet Feminist is a must-read blog for the fashion-minded feminist. In addition to style, topics include body positivity and the culture surrounding clothing.

Feminist Frequency

Feminist Frequency, founded in 2009 by Anita Sarkeesian, explores pop culture from a feminist perspective. Sections include videos, news and a helpful resources page that provides guides, a feminist glossary and more.

The online realm is a great place to empower women to share their stories and advice. Women seeking feminist soul sisters need only hop onto their computer to connect and collaborate with other strong feminist warriors.


You can find Kate Harveston online at Only Slightly Biased and on Twitter.

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