Welcome to 2018! (and some changes)

Happy new year to you and yours from Plenty! We hope your holidays have been filled with togetherness and fun. Behind the scenes, we have been making some plans too, and want to let you know (with mixed feelings) of upcoming changes. In a nutshell, Carol and Beth-Anne have made the difficult decision to move on from Plenty, and their personal notes to you follow this message. The brilliant and stalwart Nathalie will continue on – who knows where she shall take us from here! Regular posting on Plenty will resume on January 8. 


From Carol

I have found myself waiting until the last possible moment to draft this note of goodbye, which can only be a reflection of my ambivalence in leaving Plenty. But for some time now, I have had a nagging sense that the time has come. The decision to leave has been precipitated by my return to the world of law and the increasing ingenuity that was required to fit the pieces of my life together.  So, after much thought and less certainty, I have decided to heed this instinct, and I dearly hope that she is right, because in many ways my head and heart would like to soldier on.

What started out as a way to tell stories among a few friends has evolved into a way to tell stories among a much larger group of friends. Writing and planning for Plenty would also, in time, introduce me to so many new frontiers, including the wide world of media and the far corners of my beloved Toronto and beyond. For these constant reminders that our world is so large and full of life, and for the chance to explore more of its pockets, I am so grateful.

As much as anything, I will miss my weekly writing date with Plenty, enough that I already know I will have to write somewhere again soon, even if I’m not exactly clear where or how. The act of creating something that wasn’t there before is too alluring now that I’ve had a taste of it. When I look back over the years, and all of the articles and experiences that filled them, I feel proud of this tiny online corner that we have occupied.  It really is remarkable what you can do with a little help from your friends. I don’t need to tell you that Beth-Anne and Nathalie are, of course, the greatest gifts from this collaboration, and I leave this space with the conviction that I have them forever.

Thank you truly for the chance to write and create here, which was enabled and enlivened by the time you spent and the thoughts you shared with us. You will be in the best of hands as Nathalie takes the reins of Plenty moving forward.

Wishing you all the best for 2018 and beyond.

From Beth-Anne

The New Year brings with it a time of resolution and change.  After months of reflection on my time writing for Plenty, I have decided that it is time to turn the page and start a new chapter.  Plenty has provided me with years of experiences that have enriched my life beyond my imagination.  I have experienced unique opportunities that otherwise I would never have had the chance to, I have learned more about running a website than I ever wanted to, but above all, and most meaningful, I have met many incredible people.  Over the years I have met entrepreneurs, performers, community advocates, and even the odd celebrity, and what they all have in common, is what I always I hoped to bring to the reader, a message of hope and inspiration for what is possible.

What brought me the most joy from Plenty was meeting with people.  After these meetings, I would always be amazed how they were using their platform, whether it be art or through a business to bring positive change to their community.  The people who most amazed me were the ones who reinvented themselves – taking that risk, doing what seemed impossible.  Getting out from behind my screen and engaging with members of the community served as a positive reminder that there is much good to be celebrated and to be a part of. 

By far my utmost accomplishment with Plenty is my friendship with Carol and Nathalie, proof that great friendships can blossom later in life.  While “on paper” it may appear we could not be more different, we are a lesson to all that appearances can be deceiving.  For at the core, we are resolutely similar: loyal, compassionate, empathetic, openhearted, considerate, and grounded.  We share the same values and morals, and when we are together the hours slip by, and the laughs are abundant. Together we have supported and listened to each other, shared heartache, talked through parenting challenges from the little stuff to the BIG stuff (oh, the big stuff!), and we’ve seen each other grow as mothers, and as women.  It’s remarkable to watch a friend and see them become stronger, braver, bolder – to see them become a better version of themselves year after year.  It’s a testament to the power of women friendship.  It’s a testament to what happens when women build each other up.  It’s a testament to what is possible.

The decision to open myself to new opportunities has not come easily.  It would be easy to stay in my comfortable space, well within the embrace of my loving friends.  But I know that it is time for me to travel a new path, and to see what adventures await, and it is only because I have my loving friends gently nudging me along that I am able to take that all-important first step.

Thank you for years of reading, sharing and commenting on the stories that I have put before you.  It has been a labour of a love, and I have loved it.

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