January Is All About Aging

The year is young, and because we like things contrary-wise at Plenty, we dreamed up the topic of aging for this month’s theme.

I am so very conscious that that “we” is now just me, and even though I’ve had weeks to get used to the idea of their leaving, it feels odd to be writing alone now, without Carol and Beth-Anne.  Of course, I was always writing alone, in the technical sense, but there are so many aspects of my presence here that was tied up with theirs, and my voice feels not quite right to me now.  I loved being part of that editorial “we,” and I am grateful to be able to keep my writing dates with this page.

Going forward, Plenty will come to you on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I will still be writing to a theme each month, and I will cast my net wide for interesting voices and stories to share.

And so in January you can look forward to stories about how to record an oral history, caring for aging relatives, aging and fitness, aging and adventure, and women, aging and invisibility.  Aging has never worried me.  It has always seemed to me to be something to celebrate in spite of mainstream celebrations of eternal youth.  Contrary-wise.



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