February is about Lifelong Learning

I often joke that education is wasted on the young after I’ve attended my kids’ curriculum night at school.  I get all excited about what their teachers are planning, and I want to be in the classroom again, with impassioned educators and my own curious mind.  I feel most alive and fizzing when I’m learning.

Luckily, there’s no expiration date on curious minds, and learning is a  lifelong endeavour.

I am so excited about the lineup this month.  Hope Paterson will share her project to Leave Room for New, in which she is mindfully testing her boundaries and trying new things.  I will have an interview with Katherine Tamminen, a professor at the University of Toronto who studies how to improve young athletes’ experience in sport.  I will be asking her all about what lessons young athletes and their adults (parents and coaches) can learn to make the love and benefits of sports last a lifetime.  Roseanne Carrara will be writing about her piano lessons and how her music studies have provided more than just proficiency on the keys.  We will have a discussion of unconscious bias and how to spot, unlearn and avoid social stereotypes that we form outside our own conscious awareness.  February 13th is Galentine’s Day, a perfect date to take your gal pals out for a learning date.  (See our ideas for fun friend dates here.) And Beth-Anne will be back with her final installment of her tattoo removal, a lesson learned about bad decisions.  So much great learning!

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