Marriage Isn’t Just BJs and Sandwiches!

Anne Marie Scheffler MILF Life Crisis comedy

Or so declares a disbelieving Anne Marie in MILF: Life Crisis when she learns that her husband of 14 years wants to leave her.

MILF: Life Crisis is Anne Marie Scheffler‘s latest one woman show, and takes us along on the wild ride that is life as a newly divorced mother. The shows tagline “After Marriage Comes Dating” pretty much says it all, as title character Anne Marie returns to the singles scene with a combination of uncertainty, fear, and excitement. Her baggage? Just a broken marriage (and heart), two kids, and 1.5 decades.

What happens in MILF: Life Crisis is as interesting as how it happens. Seasoned actress and comedian Scheffler swiftly and seamlessly  switches between multiple characters and settings with minimal props and maximum focus. She plays herself (single, married, and divorced), her husband, several friends, and various men. Scheffler really is the show.

MILF: Life Crisis is unflinching in exploring a range of themes post-divorce: loneliness, disorientation, sexual desire, growth. There are some awful moments in Anne Marie’s post-marital life (and presumably any post-marital life), but humour tames the horror of it all. There’s huge power in comedy, and Scheffler knows this. For the stories that are on the edge but need to be told, Scheffler wants to be there. “My job is to get there first and reflect it in our lives, to tell the truth in love and in service. So a new divorcee can see my show and know she’s going to be okay,” she says.

There’s something for everyone in this show. As my husband says, if you’re watching Anne Marie’s trials and are in a relationship yourself, you can think “Thank God!” Or if you are going through a divorce, you will see something that you can relate to and know you’re not alone. Everyone wins.

Everyone also laughs. Whether she’s describing the romantic progression of a relationship as it moves from Twitter to Facebook, or declaring proudly that no matter what happens, she will always be the second ex-wife of her husband, Scheffler is simply a good and skilled comedian.

MILF: Life Crisis is playing at Red Sandcastle Theatre, an intimate indie theatre in Leslieville (new dates added! Sept 20-22, 27-30, Oct 1). There are lots of great restaurants and bars around – have a drink or grab a bite after the show. You’ll have just watched something that doesn’t get a lot of air time, but it should, and you’ll want to talk about it.

Anne Marie Scheffler MILF Life Crisis comedy

Plenty was provided with review tickets to MILF: Life Crisis. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Glad your show is such a success Anne Marie. Is it being extended? I’ve been so busy with school I couldn’t attend. Keep me informed and I’ll try to make it out to a show….it’s sounds fun!

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